Successful patient-centered legislative session wraps-up

The passage of multiple healthcare-related bills will improve access to care and grow the Arizona economy.

Cochise County

Arizona is so fortunate to have elected officials with a long and proud history of supporting our communities. Let’s thank them!

Gov. Doug Ducey

Gov. Ducey and our legislators took the first step in a plan to meet Arizona’s real healthcare needs in the future. Our people, patients and communities have so much to be grateful for today.

How does this budget really affect Arizonans?

Eliminates the freeze on KidsCare coverage protecting working families, especially women and children.
Creates new medical residencies in rural counties to combat the physician shortage
Encourages physicians to practice in underserved rural areas with student loan repayment.
Ensures patients’ wishes are honored by granted access to healthcare directives for providers.
Provides telemedicine options for patients at the same insurance compensation as in person visits.
Improves the Arizona economy by improving access to healthcare for patients and communities.

Cochise County- join our healthcare providers in thanking Gov. Ducey and our brave county legislators for getting it done!

Senator David Gowan
Senator David Gowan

Representative Gail Griffin
Representative Gail Griffin

Representative Becky Nutt
Representative Becky Nutt