Mohave County has a severe doctor shortage-

but there’s a solution.

Mohave Doctor Shortage

What’s the Problem?
Arizona’s physician shortage is one of the worst in the nation. The state ranks 44th of 50 states in primary care physicians. The problem is worse in rural parts of the state. More than 60% of Mohave County residents live in a federally designated Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA).

How do we bring more doctors to Mohave County?
A proposal at the state legislature will increase the number of new doctors and nurses trained in Arizona – and bring them to rural Arizona. But it hasn’t been included in the state budget yet. And probably won’t be without your help.

Will it really work?
Your state legislators have a long and proud history of fighting for the health and safety of Mohave County. We are fortunate to have them. But Sen. Borrelli, Rep. Biasiucci, and Rep. Cobb need to know this matters to you.

Does this really affect me?
You’ve probably already experienced the effects of this shortage: long wait times for a visit, or needing to leave the county for a visit. Limited access to specialists. we want to ensure that you have access to medical care when you need it.

Mohave County, these are the representatives working for you.

Senator Sonny Borrelli
Senator Sonny Borrelli already voted YES

Representative Leo Biasiucci
Representative Leo Biasiucci will vote soon

Representative Regina Cobb
Representative Regina Cobb will vote soon

Please ask them to support funding in the state budget to bring more doctors and nurses to Mohave County.